Successful Autism Day at Six Flags

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I had the pleasure of attending Autism Day at Six Flags Great Adventure, hosted by Gersh Academy and Custom Education Foundation. This was a fabulous day where all kids on the Autism Spectrum enjoyed a day of fun in a judgment free environment. Together, everyone present created a place where we understood and respected one another.

When I first heard about this event, I just knew I had to attend and support this remarkable event – so I joined as a volunteer.

Working hand in hand with families with children on the Autism Spectrum for over 15 years, I see the constant challenges and struggles they face on a daily basis. As a BCBA, my passion is to help individuals on the autism spectrum succeed, empowering them to thrive by providing love, respect, and dignity all in a professional and empirical manner.

My goal on this day was that the families who came would be able to enjoy themselves. It is so rare for families with children on the Autism Spectrum to have a recreational day like this. I wanted to be there to help make this day truly memorable!

It was so beautiful and warming to see parents and siblings smiling and sincerely happy, demonstrating such love and care to their family members with special needs. It was a day to remember and I felt proud to be part of it.

Kudos to Gersh Academy and the Custom Education Foundation for sponsoring and orchestrating such an incredible and remarkable event for the Autism population.

I later found out this event was covered by

I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful personalities who have contributed so much to the Autism community:

Dr. Robert Melillo spoke such heartfelt words of hope; there is indeed help for parents who are struggling. Dr. Melillo’s cutting edge Brain Balance Program is an incredible resource for the community. Check them out at

I also had the pleasure to meet the CEO of Abili-TV. Abili-TV is a really wonderful resource that can open a world of connection with others going through similar challenges or experiences. As creators of the dynamic online platform, they provide parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs the place to connect, share and learn from each other.

I am so impressed by the full staff at Six Flags Great Adventure who received specialized training for this day.

I look forward to participating again next year!

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