Partnering as Parents- Knowledge is Power

The below freezing temperatures and cold air didn’t stop the committed parents to come and join the parent training session that was held today at the Lakewood Board of Education conference room.

Achieve Behavioral Therapy sponsored the event with their clinical director Malkie Nussbaum, BCBA presenting the training.

The training is part of a series of workshops being offered to parents to empower them to achieve success with their children.

The series titled Partnering as parents “Turning knowledge into Power” was a great success!

Parents enjoyed the camaraderie of other parents sharing the same daily struggles they encounter and felt heard and validated as they sipped coffee and enjoyed delicious refreshments.  The topic “Consistency is key’’ was then discussed in much detail. Participants were taught the ABC model used in ABA and the effects of the child’s behavior in response to effective manipulation of the antecedents and consequences. Real life examples were shared to make it hands on and relatable to parents. Evidence based best practice and empirical researched strategies were then provided so that these parents can now make effective and positive change with in their homes. One grandma in the audience questioned “Where was Achieve when I was raising my kids?” The valuable lessons learned today will be of much benefit to all those attendees.

For more information on future workshops and training’s please call the Achieve office at 732-886-8113.

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