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ABA Therapy Explained

ABA is a scientific, empirically-based approach to systematically decreasing maladaptive behaviors and increasing skills.

ABA therapy has been proven to improve a child’s ability to communicate and teach behavior that helps them form vital social relationships. The approach is also an effective way to teach play and self-care skills that support long-term healthy development.

Early childhood center: ABA therapy for your child in addition to the early intervention your child receives.

Our goal is your child’s improved functioning, reduced problem behavior and everyday happiness!

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    Caregivers receive weekly comprehensive training
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    Individualized quality therapy ensures maximum progress
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    Tailored treatment plans help each child reach his goal
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    Most major insurance policies accepted


A quick and easy process to get you started ASAP

Our friendly, dedicated staff will guide you every step of the way to help your child receive ABA therapy as soon as possible.

Our goal is to help your child reach their highest potential. And because your child and family situation is unique, every treatment plan is tailored to your child’s specific needs.

Verify Insurance

Within 48 hours of receiving your intake paperwork, our intake team will contact your insurance company to verify eligibility of coverage and authorization to schedule an assessment of your child.


Once your authorization is approved by your insurance, we will schedule an assessment with one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). Our BCBAs are super friendly and will work directly with your child in your own home to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Approval & Therapy

After the assessment, a thorough treatment plan will be written and sent to both you and your child’s insurance company for review and approval. Based on the assessment, our team will determine the number of hours clinically recommended for your child.


What our clients say about us

auther image Jenny Orwick M.A., BCBA

Here at The Mini Mine Center, the staff is committed to providing compassionate care and high-quality services to every client. Each day we witness firsthand how effective our ABA therapy is as we watch our clients unlock their potential and reach the goals we set forth. Through natural environment teaching, discrete trial training, systematic peer integration, social skills training, and more, we give the client's the skills they need to succeed. Our collaborative team approach at the center ensures our clients are receiving the best instruction for their individual needs. We always know we are doing our best as we watch our clients come in the door and leave us with the tools they need to soar in their following environment!

auther image Mr and Mrs Bordeaux parent of child that received service from achieve

We are indebted to Achieve for helping us with the metamorphosis and progress our daughter has made since starting with Achieve. We wish all parents going through what we went through with our daughter
hear about Achieve and can benefit in the same way we have from the superior therapy they provide!

auther image Amy Steckhahn Behavioral technician

As a behavior technician on staff at Achieve Behavioral Therapy, I have the privilege of watching our clients progress in many areas. The interactions between staff and clients are positive, engaging, and productive. As a dedicated member of our team, clients develop quick, positive rapport with staff and look forward to seeing us at our office, in their homes, or out in the community. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts, serve as supportive mentors who pave the way for our clients to reach their best potential.

auther image Mrs Renaldo Mother of 5

All of you, at Achieve, have FAR surpassed my expectations!!
You have changed my child's life!! The BCBA was extremely on top of ensuring the needs of my child were addressed every single day !!
It is remarkable to see the progress my child has made and how he generalized the skills taught to everyday life.
my child is NOW happy, confident, and motivated to be a part of the boys.
It was a true pleasure working with your whole team.


We Work With Leading Insurance Plans

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